About M Bear

M Bear
M Bear is about 5 8” with an intelligent head similar in shape (but much more compassionate in content) to Lenin.  He likes to play soccer and always eats his chocolate slowly with a glass of milk.  Once a woman at my work mistook him for Brad Pitt, he felt good about that.

He likes to watch Supernanny (not anymore though because the formulaic nature has become tiresome).  Well I like to watch him watch Supernanny because he does this laugh which is high pitched and ludicrous and hilarious at the naughty children.  His favourite food to eat is antipasto.  Antipasto might be defined as: any food (as many different
kinds as possible) cut into small pieces served with bread.

He is tough because he knows boxing.  Well he has a t-shirt that says boxing and gloves, and I have seen him punching a bag like he is it.  If you were to attach a huge lamp to his head and turn out all the lights and wait for all the moths to come he would freak out.  That would be torture. He hates moths.  He has never met a Puriri Moth.  I hope I am there when he does! 

If he didn’t marry me he would have been a polygamist and married all of the books.  Or maybe just Habermas.


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