About S Bear

S Bear is a funny old soul. She likes Tori Amos, Margaret Atwood, Shortland Street, National Radio. And also other things, but I'll let you work the rest out for yourselves.

 She is rather choice, IMHO. She is the painter of some really nice paintings; she is also a poet and a sculptor, but not yet a potter.

 She spends most of her waking life in a small room with a few other people, mostly middle age males. Then she goes home and spends the rest of her time with a nearly-middle-aged male, called Mr M Bear.

 In her room there is a glo friend, some rocks, a picture of me, etc.

I will tell you extra ideas at a later time and date


  1. Lucy said,

    Mark, that it sad – Sarah wrote heaps more about you.

    Take care, Lucy.

  2. Aunty Kathy said,

    Hi Sarah and Mark
    Got onto your site. Love to hear about your activities.Hope to see the family this weekend, to catch up. Keep safe and make sure you have a happy Christmas.
    Lots of love
    Kathy, and family

  3. nana said,

    Love that very clever s bear mbear is not too bad either! take care inthe cold Love you Nana

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