New England; Rockport

February 26, 2007 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

We decided to escape Cambridge yesterday and took a trip to the beach. It was sunny and freezing, and quite windy but Rockport, on Cape Ann, was very cute even in winter. The colonists moved in around the 1700s and the winding streets on the point look that old, as do the oldfashioned shops. There is lot of sweet and fudge shops, but interestingly you couldn’t get a drink in a restaurant until 2005!

The revolt against rum

“In 1856 a gang of 200 women lead by Hannah Jumper swept through the town and destroyed anything containing alcohol in what is called “Rockport’s revolt against rum” and banned alcohol from the town. Except for a period in the 1930’s the town has remained one of 15 Massachusetts dry towns. Since then alcoholic beverages could not be purchased in Rockport, but in April 20, 2005 the town ballot passed a home rule petition to allow the sale of alcohol by restaurants.”

That was a long lasting revolt. Here’s some pictures…


The frozen estuary


The harbour


Bear skin point (no horses)


Ice-cream store


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