Carving up the ice…

December 23, 2006 at 4:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Mark literally carved up the ice when we went skating the other day. For a while he clung to the sides and edged around, not really getting the hang of it and talking about how he hated it and was going to stop. So the ice skating assistant man who incidentally could not skate suggested he use these milk crates as support. Another girl learning as well was aghast at the suggestion, totally embarrassed, “no thanks”, I guess she was there on a romantic date. But Mark thought it was a great idea. He got three giant milk crates piled on top of each other and slid around the rink with his legs flailing all over the place. It was hilarious. People came to watch and stood on the side of the rink to see this hooded man seemingly going nuts on the ice for the first time. He didn’t care. I don’t even think he noticed them. Here he is with his boxes. I couldn’t really capture it on the still… It was really a video moment but alas one was not at hand.  He did this for two hours…

Here is with his boxes,


… and just taking a breather.


He’ll get to practice more over the next two weeks cause the guy there offered me a job as an ice skate rink attendant! Heeee! Never done that before! So I’ll be an ice maiden for a few days, “just while all the Harvard kids are outta town”. I’ll sit in the little warm cabin with the German Bagels and the bags of chips and fit people for skates and send them out into the rink. Plus, I’ll skate whenever I feel like it. I need some kind of outfit. I have an interview on Tuesday, which the guy said was a formality, although I did have to tick a box that said I would allow them to test my pee for drugs. Isn’t that humiliating? Peeing in a cup to get a job? Hopefully I don’t have to do that.


  1. Jimmy said,

    The first photo makes you look like an 80 year old with a walker. Ahahahah! Im with the haterizing on skating. I stuffed up my knee when roller-skating one time and it still gives me grief. Its not that I am completely crap at it, just that im not good enough to avoid people who are crapper than me.

  2. Keren-Peta said,

    Hey me too. Gillis wants me to go but last time I couldn’t let go of the edge, maybe I’ll take along some crates.

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