Old Man Winter

December 6, 2006 at 10:20 am (Uncategorized)

It snowed for the first time on Monday morning. Just a little bit, about an inch which all melted away by lunchtime. We’ve never seen it snowing like that before, I think I love the winter here, the minus temperatures, being all wrapped up and warm, the snowing. Except for now, because Mark burned something in the oven and the smoke is all over the place and we have to have the windows open and it is freezing me to death.

These aren’t very good pictures, it was early in the morning – the snow looks like popcorn. That would be okay too I guess, the squirrels would like it. I hate squirrels. I have made a transition from they are cute, to they are a bit freaky, to they are rabies carrying giant rats. It is all because of the ones that run towards you, or hang out in big groups and then dart all over the show. I know they have plans to climb my legs and tangle themselves in my hair instead of running away like a good wild animal.





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