November 7, 2006 at 10:18 am (Uncategorized)


Maine is a beautiful State. I almost wish I bought a ‘Maine’ hoody instead of my Boston one. We spent a good part of the weekend eating volumes of fantastic food in nice places like Becky’s. This diner was straight out of an American movie – older men lined up along a bar counter getting coffee poured by a friendly waitress that seemed like an old friend, and us hanging out in a red vinyl booth, waiting on our burger with fries and a pickle. Burgers here come with potato chips (like bluebird) and a pickle unless you ask for fries.


Our Inn was pretty and made better by a big breakfast which included three kinds of cake, and all day access to a huge tin of biscotti which we ate through quite fast. It was really cold up there – on Saturday morning we saw icicles hanging from the eves. We found an all you can eat vegetarian/vegan restaurant for only $3.99, and a Pandora style bakery on the waterfront with the best brownies I ever ate. We decided against going to the play, and ate lobster rolls in a pub on the waterfront instead. Lobsters are delicious. I got a pile of claws in a roll and M had Lobster with salads.


M. at LL Bean being talked out of buying hunting wear that was warm & half-price, and also all camoflage or highlighter orange. We all have to be reminded that you can go too far in neglecting apperance over warmth sometimes.  Maybe I am wrong.  We’ll go and try to find jackets at Filene’s again this week.

We wandered around town, froze, found a great second hand shop where I got a woollen jersey & a floaty brown gold skirt, got lost finding the museum (it said congress sq not street…), went on the Friday night artwalk where artists open up their homes and galleries so you can look at their pictures and drink their wine and eat their cheese while you do. Very refined. Saturday we considered biking up to Freeport to go to the jacket shop but decided to catch a boat out to an Island instead. We explored the island in the sun, freezing ourselves, and encountering wildlife (Seals, Deer, Cats, Crabs, Crows) . It was so beautiful and remote, we’d like to live somewhere like that.


On the boat towards Peaks Island. Lots of seals in the water, and freezing cold air.


Exploring the interior of the island and startling a deer. (I don’t know why you can’t see all that photo…)

When it was time to leave we walked down to the bus stop beside the park and were chased by squirells. Here they are scared of you, but these were big monster ones fed up by park visitors and they saw us as a source of treats. It was disturbing to have a hoard of squirells coming at you from all directions only moments away from running up your leg to scratch out your eyes. While watching squriells we also noticed that the bus was way late so we had to run all the way to the train station which was about three miles away. A guy noticed us and gave us a ride in the back of his ute which was fun and meant we got there with four minutes to run onto the train before it left. So now we are back.





  1. Anonymous said,

  2. Barbara George said,

    Hi Mark and Sarah, great to see this and see that you are having a good time. Helen tells me you have found Trader Joes. You gotta love those carrot muffins!!! It was one of my favourite stores. Other things to buy in the US include neosporin – its an antiseptic cream that anaesthetises as it goes – bloody marvellous stuff.
    Gotta fly – will talk soon.
    Take care
    Lots of love
    Barbara and Owen

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