I think it is over…

October 26, 2006 at 2:30 am (Uncategorized)

for the cat face pumpkin. It has turned into horrendous pumpkin. It has mouldy ears and it’s eyeballs are sinking into it’s head. Lifting the lid reveals a fine selection of spindly and slimy moulds, a flurry of fruit flies and an indescribable stench, also noticeable if you come into the house after being out for a while. I think I will take it down to the trash and put it on the raised bank beside the bin.  I guess it is really just getting to its Halloween best.


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  1. Ruth said,

    Stinky pumpkin – that is a yuck smell!!! I saw on Martha Stewart that she made a paper mache pumpkin – and then cut out the face – maybe the smelly problem was why!!! Of course a candle would not work but a torch would. Hey talking of candles – I found some LED battery run tealights the other day! That little mosaic glass looks great withnone in – they even flicker a little bit!

    There was a program on Discovery last night with Boston on it – showed the T and also went to the Italian part and the library where you had your piccy. And a football game.

    Sun is out here – so better get in the garden before it goes…..oop maybe too late already!!!

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