I think it is over…

October 26, 2006 at 2:30 am (Uncategorized)

for the cat face pumpkin. It has turned into horrendous pumpkin. It has mouldy ears and it’s eyeballs are sinking into it’s head. Lifting the lid reveals a fine selection of spindly and slimy moulds, a flurry of fruit flies and an indescribable stench, also noticeable if you come into the house after being out for a while. I think I will take it down to the trash and put it on the raised bank beside the bin.  I guess it is really just getting to its Halloween best.


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How to halloween up your pumpkin

October 21, 2006 at 2:11 pm (general)

We carefully choose this big one from a pile on the back of a trailer down in Easton. It took a long time and this one was choosen for it’s roundness, sturdy stalk and good orange colour. It is all together personal choice, the lady next to us was looking for a tall thin one.


So we have our big orange pumpkin. This picture shows the bad side, but don’t worry we’ll cut on the good side, plus it will be dark so whats the difference. You’ll also need a knife, one big tough one and one little one. We used a swiss army knife and it worked pretty well. First you have to cut a hole in the top so you can scoop out the guts. Like how we did in the photo below;


Next start pulling all the seeds and stringy bits out. If you want to go for the full experience you should roast those seeds in the oven and eat them. This is hungry work.  You might be surprised to see how dry and gross this pumpkin looks inside. You’ll quickly loose the idea you had of making a million pumpkin pies out of this baby. This pumpkin’s innards are like straw.


Next is the fun part. Choose your face. Some clever people do shapes, like whole cats or witches stirring a cauldron. Be spontaneous but don’t get ahead of yourself. We decided to do a cat face. If you want to be true to tradition you should do a scary dead man face because the story is that some guy sold his soul to the devil, wanted it back and walked around the earth with his head in his hands trying to find it. Anyway we did a cat. It is a good idea to scrape out as much of the innards of the side you are going to carve on as possible. It makes it easier to do. Draw the face on first and cut around the bits you want to light up.

Lets skip that hard and tricky part and go to the end result…


Voila! A very unscary cat. We munched his face up a bit – we should have made it a bit higher up! But if you turn on a torch, (a candle is even better) and put it inside old pumpkin head and turn out the lights….




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Street cleaning

October 12, 2006 at 12:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

Street cleaning, move your car from the even-numbered side, you will be tagged and towed.

This loudhailer car drives past our window every two weeks at about 7 or 7.30 am – alternating its warning between the even and odd numbered sides of the street. I’m not sure it is really needed, as they put up millions of signs, and this street cleaning and towing has probably been going on for years and years. People who don’t know about it probably don’t live here.  Type the phrase into google and you will get the Cambridge department of public works. But at least the huge festering bag of garbage outside our building has been picked up…


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A ramble

October 11, 2006 at 7:32 am (Uncategorized)

I am quite tired today (we went out to a concert last night), and I am finding it hard to write.  Most of the people I speak to, other than Mark are from the rest of the world where english is a second language.  In all of the women’s groups I go to I am the only native english speaker, and of course in the english class it is the same.  I find after hanging out for a few hours my english sort of retreats and becomes a bit funny!  I have just come back from my knitting class and a two hour lunch at a cafe renowned for it’s desserts where I met three women, all from my knitting class.  I love how the four of us sat around the little table, our ages spanning three generations (at a stretch perhaps), and our home countries dotted around the globe; Russia, Spain, Japan, and New Zealand.  I am generally the youngest in the group because I ignored the rules to join, it is supposed to be restricted to the partners of staff.  I don’t think it matters.

We are thinking of visiting Japan on our way back here next year.  I think that would be pretty exciting, I have met a lot of women from Japan and will be able to get some good advice on where to go, and we’ll have a place to stay seen as Mark’s cousin and wife are living over there.  Not for sure we’ll go, but maybe…

So anyhow.  I am going to try to learn french again.  I don’t have a lot of time.  My days and hours rush by really quickly and are full of trying to study, to knit, paint, make a quilt, read books, go to these women’s meetings, english class, cleaning our house (which takes ages because we both are as messy as children),  and reminding Mark to clean our house, planning holidays and making sure we do and see Boston stuff, writing letters, emailing.  What a list, sorry to bore you!  What was my point?  I am going to try to learn French because I only speak one language and a teeny bit of Maori, and I could use it when we go to Canada, well at least when we visit Quebec.

Here is my top five list of things in Boston I heart so far…

1. The big deal made of fall; the fall weather,’leaf peeping’, the pumpkins, the apple cider, halloween etc

2. The chance to meet lots of ‘magnificent’ (that is really the word to describe…) women.

3. Birds and squirrels even if the squirrels i have seen lately make a noise like they are seriously diseased with rabies or something

4. The bookstores

5. Burdicks hot chocolate

5*This is sort of cheating because I haven’t been to one, but I think I like the way that Inn’s are decorated.  Over the top ‘Laura Ashley’ florals.  I wonder if it is just New England?  I am booking a holiday in Maine and we got to choose between rooms named after flowers, all themed in the flowers…

Things I don’t love so far…

1. The lack of fish, and the high mercury levels in seafood

2. Pedestrian crossings; they are everywhere but cars don’t stop.

3. Starbucks & Au bon pain
4.  High fructose cornsyrup in everything

5.  The stinky sewer smell on some street corners


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the blog holiday…

October 9, 2006 at 3:16 pm (Uncategorized)

We haven’t written in here for over a week now!  I’ll have to pay more attention.  Tomorrow we’ll write a long exciting entry on things we’ve been doing. There are some stories over at this site. I wonder if we should get rid of one of these sites; that would make it a bit easier.  hmmm.  maybe….

In summary of our week: Autumn is a fun month in the USA.  It is lovely and warm, and orange.  People are excited about pumpkins and apples, and also Halloween coming up, and Thanksgiving. xoxo sarah

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Walden State Reservation

October 1, 2006 at 12:30 pm (general)







Our best American day so far.  We walked right around the pond with chipmunks scattering along the path, and watched a man catch rainbow trout from his dingy.  It was even warm enough to swim, the water was heated up by that hot summer and so clear.  Like Lake Taupo, but warm…

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