Chinatown and some photos…

August 28, 2006 at 5:53 am (Uncategorized)


Some of the wildlife around here…


Chinatown had a lot of bakery shops and a lot of good food. MMM. hot coconut buns. It also had really great fabric stores and I bought some things and sewed some things last night. We also went out to Sears where they have a sewing machine for $89.oo which I will go and get with my special one hundred dollars to spend on fun things money I am pretty excited about that!

We are moving house tomorrow and have been packing up and ‘vacuming’ which involves picking up every piece of stuff off the floor. We wish we never bought the seaseme seed bagels now… Well better fly, hope it is warming up over there. xoxox

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skip the first part if you are eating…

August 26, 2006 at 2:42 am (Uncategorized)

A local paper here, the Dig, publishes letters every week and often these are about riding on the subway and the funny things that happen there.  The stories are usually gross or really funny.  The subway is hot and stuffy and the air smells like I don’t know how to explain it… it feels like there isn’t much air… it smells like engines and pee and a little bit of feet.  I sat next to a woman who kept saying to her boyfriend “baby”, “baby” and clutching where her heart was.  I thought she was about to have a heart attack and was a bit worried I’d have to do CPR or something, and a whole lot of people had said to me before we came here “don’t help anyone because they might end up taking you to court”.  I decided I’d help anyway.  So I looked at this girl and saw she had a boil or something the size of a golfball cut in half on her wrist and it was angry red and oozing stuff.  It was horrible and huge.  The weird thing was that even though she looked like she should be in hospital she had piles of shopping bags with SALE all over them. Must have been a buy too good to miss.  So then she started dressing her wound, pouring saline or something all over it (stuff going everywhere) and put a cover on it.  Sorry that is a gross story, I hope you aren’t eating or anything!  So yes, the tube is a weird place.


In happy news someone has taken our apartment.  I went in this morning because they seemed so sure that it would go quickly and we hadn’t heard anything.  The man at the desk said they sometimes don’t tell the occupants when it goes which I thought was a bit silly, they must know that people who will be liable for the rent would like to know if they have nothing to worry about anymore.  They are just waiting for the people to send the lease back in which hopefully happens soon.  So we can really really relax now!

Tomorrow we are going out to Chinatown.  I want to buy some fabric because I have an idea of a thing I’d like to make for Bridie for her birthday which was a while ago, and also other people’s coming up.  I am going to have to hand sew like the old days but it should be okay I think.  If I see a cheap second hand sewing machine I will buy it and sell it before I leave.  That is one thing I sort of wish we brought with us, although it would have been a bit of an effort!  There are supposed to be lots of nice places to eat as well out there.

Mark is at orientation which I hear is a bit boring, with people asking annoying questions.  We sat in our kitchen last night and ate all the rest of the chocolate cat biscuts and Mark told me all these funny stories about his classes.  He reckons people are one of three types – either just there to do the work and are quite laid back, extremely over anxious and uptight, or discussing whether or not they will go to class or not.  He overheard some guys talking and they were like “are you going to go to classes?” and the other guy said “I guess, I did pay for it”.  Imagine paying that much to come to a school and then not going.  Now that is smart!

Will write about our trip to Chinatown, xoxxo sb

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August 23, 2006 at 3:12 am (general)

At Trader Joe’s you can buy a huge tub of these biscuts called “chocolatey cats” for two dollars.  They are like tiny teddies but cats in all different poses and they are delicious to eat. This morning Mark ate his breakfast in our room which was weird cause we usually eat it on the floor of the lounge (we have one chair and a lamp in our lounge).  I went in there and he was drinking a glass of milk and munching down on a huge handfull of chocolatey cats. He eats them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They are pretty good!

Today is another hot day, although there is a breeze so I put on jeans.  Maybe that is why they think winter here is the devil incarnate.  Because they are so used to this hotness.  I am sort of looking forward to winter (remind me of that when I start whinging about how COLD it is).  I want snow.  heaps of it.  i don’t even mind if I get trapped in my home.  What excites me is that no parking signs around here also have in red letters NO PARKING IN A SNOW EMERGENCY.  What is a snow emergency?  I don’t know.  I can’t wait to find out.

Our lunch out at Jamacia Plain was fun, the woman (a friend of Joe’s Dad’s Friend) was really nice, and so great to talk to, and has introduced me to all of these housing organisations.  So I am happy as Larry.  Also, I have the forms to join my ‘partners’ clubs.  If you say ‘partner’ over here they assume you have a same sex relationship and are surprised to see you don’t.  I was pretty excited to see that in October the Harvard women’s group is going out to a farm in Lexington where you will see a real working market and farm.  Freaking awesome!  I also get to buy produce and flowers.  I can’t wait. They also have some craft thing where you show crafts from your country.  Oh the friends I will make… I will also find pumpkins to carve into Jack o’laterns.  We may have a competition (mark and I) and I will post the results. Maybe you can vote and I will find out who reads our group email blog!

See you later, xoxooxxo sarah

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A week so far…

August 20, 2006 at 5:02 am (general)

Today we have caught the subway over to Boston, and have found the Boston Library which is beautiful.  It is cold stone and has really high ceilings, with ornate paintings and millions and millions of books.  Mark is doing his NZ masters right now and I am wandering around looking at all the books and things to do, and using my hour of free internet I booked in. It is so nice here, I might come across to study some days, they have big study halls, like you see in the movies. 

Last night we went out for dinner to a little mexican restaurant that was both cheap and delcious.  We had burritos that were huge and full of avacado, beans, rice, salad, sour cream, salsa and delicious cheese.  I also got a homemade lemonade which was so nice!  We will be going back there for sure.  Last night we watched a DVD that Awhina and Chris gave us as a wedding present, called Natures Best.  It was fun to watch old music videos of the the Herbs, Crowded House, and Dave Dobyn who seemed to pop up in a million bands with his funny ginger mop…

It is really nice just wandering around today and spending a bit of time here in Boston. We are starting to settle in a bit more, and are looking forward to moving into our new house down the road. Hope you are all really good and love hearing from you!  xox sarah

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August 19, 2006 at 5:37 am (Uncategorized)

so we got sucked in (read other post).  they were so mean!  There was no explanation about that at all, just you have won…. etc etc.  and saying congratulations and stuff…  lucky we had no phone number, or address, or anything!  all i gave them was my name and mark’s email address.  lucky we aren’t US citizens or we would have been out off to some crazy resort.  Well we would have checked it out first so probably not but that is nasty…

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The land of the free…???

August 19, 2006 at 5:32 am (Uncategorized)

The weirdest thing just happened.  I bought a new cell phone, it has a flip top and is white and better than any phone I ever had – and only $30!  So we activated it this morning and were up and running to get calls from people who want to see our apartment (more about that later…).  While we were in Trader Joe’s looking for some more American treats we got a phone call,about an hour or so after it was running.  We missed it somehow so I called it back when we got home.  A woman answered, I think from Virgin Phones which is the phone company our plan is with.  She was pretty excited to hear who I was and said I had to ring this other number right away, and ask for Travis Thomson because he has some pretty amazing news for me “so call right away”, and that she wanted to be the first to congratulate me!  Anyway so I rang this other number thinking we might have won something, and wondering what.  The lady who answered the phone was from awards or something and said Travis was busy so she said she would log my number and tell me what the story was.  When she came back everyone in the background seemed to be saying my name and she was hyper excited.  She started “You are a major prize winner and we have drawn your phone number.”  I am getting pretty excited at this point. “You have won the choice of a mercedes benz (and a whole lot of other cars) at which point Mark starts jumping up and down and I start crying a little because I don’t really know what the hell is going on…”you have also won a trip to your choice of hawaii, jamaica, etc other nice places”, a fifteen thousand dollar shopping spree”  anyway so I start crying and saying is it really me are you sure?  are you positive?  I never entered a competition?  She is like “yes mam, we drew your number out”.  So then she starts giving me directions to a resort two hours away we have to go to on Thursday to have a tour and claim our prizes with a whole lot of other ‘guaranteed prize winners’.  Then I say, (yes this is the but, the then, the small print) do we need to be US citizens?  She gets off the phone and asks and there is silence and we do.  So we don’t win any more.  Thats it.  “sorry, we are really sorry about this and for taking up your time”. I say ” well you really should check that out before you start telling someone they have one a million things…”.  Then I say bye.  Not even a prize for our almost win.  It is hilarious!

So was it a scam?  A pretty mean one I think if it was… We were supposed to go on a 90 minute tour of this resort while we were there.  Maybe we got the prizes if we bought a piece of the resort or something?  Maybe it was real and we are just not allowed to win.  Anyway it is pretty funny, pretty crazy, we can’t stop laughing about it.  I think it is even more weird because we are new here and don’t understand what that was all about!

anyway Mark has just done some research on the internet and it was a scam!!! I better check what it was…

In other news, we are moving to a house down the road that is closer to Uni, cheaper,  quieter, not as nice inside, but the view out of the bedroom is of a beautiful big tree, and heat and hotwater are included in the rent which is a little less than our current rent.  Cool aye!  Anyway got to go check this scam out…

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the agony of decisions…

August 18, 2006 at 1:25 am (Uncategorized)

We have been a bit absent from writing stuff up here lately.  Things are going about the same, although we are thinking of moving out of our flat because of how loud it is – so that has been a bit stressfull.  Mostly working out what we should do: shall we move, shall we not move, what are our options, generally over analysing and just wanting to be settled in somewhere! Mark has to finish his masters as well so we are concious of spending time sorting this out.  We do have a few options though so that is good I think.  there is a house about fifteen minutes walk from the university we can go to, it is smaller, not a lot of sun, and we have to pay for hot water so would be a bit more.  The other option is an apartment in Boston called Trilogy.  That place is quite expensive but includes air con, heat, internet, gym, laundry everything.  I think Mark is a bit more keen on Trilogy, but we would have further to travel to here and would have to get the subway, I think someone Mark has spoken to about where to live said living in Brookline was a bit far away.  There is a free shuttle bus though and we could find a flatmate for the lounge which is like a bedroom.  The other option is to look privately which would be more stressfull but we might find something cheaper and closer… or we could just stay where we are and put up with the noise.  Arg!!! It is so annoying, not to mention actually moving!

I rang my Dad last night, while he was at home from work for lunch. I just felt like I wanted someone else to talk to about it all.  It is hard not knowing anyone here at all, and my usual for decision making is to ask everyone else what they think.  It is probably good to have to sort it out ourselves, although I don’t think you should not use the support you have just because you are far away…

Well hopefully today we sort it all out and are both happy with what we decide.  We are both not fantastically decisive people and hum and ha… maybe when the right option comes up we will just know and be able to decide easily.  I guess what ever we do will work out okay…

I hope you are all good, and enjoying spring coming on in New Zealand.  Say hi to some of those lambs for me!!

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a hot summer day…

August 15, 2006 at 5:39 am (general)

I am sitting in the university law faculty using their free internet.   I don’t know how hot it is today, but it is my perfect temperature.  Outside it smells like mown grass and the sprinklers are all going. It looks really pretty, and makes up for the university police who prowl with guns.  What is with that?  Mark sometimes looks a little nervous… not sure if it those Po-lese men or the chance that squirrel will drop from a tree onto his shoulder.  He he.

Anyway, yesterday things got heaps better.  Not that they were bad it was just hard to find our way around, and we thought we lost about $200 which didn’t help when we went to buy things for our house and couldn’t help doubling the price of everything to see how much it was NZ.  We ended up finding a sale at a place called something like finliees… and got a kettle, a dinner set which is okay, a big cast iron frying pan and a pot.  We felt totally awesome about that!  We also got lamps BECAUSE strangely enough, flats here do not have lights.  Yes sir.  They only have lights in the kitchen and bathroom.  So we sat in the dark our first night.  I made little bed side tables out of the boxes that some of the things came in to put lamps on and unpacked our clothes a bit too.  We put up some photos and played fly my pretties and felt sort of like we had a homely home.  We also found the money. 

We got food too.  Food is important and I was at risk of going crazy eating donuts and chips all day.  Lots of nice normal things like vegetables and beans, popcorn and strawberry water.  Well better go, we can’t wait to put photos up or get our internet so we can email and skype more –  Mark is joining us up to internet right now! I also can’t wait to go and find friends.  There are two clubs I can join, one is ‘Harvard women’s club’ (read harvard wives club) or the student spouses club.  I think I will join that last one.  I think I am slightly obsessed with making friends with people.  Maybe I will scare them off with my enthusiasum! 

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squirrel eats bird

August 14, 2006 at 7:40 am (Uncategorized)

We are here, in Boston! City of Red Socks and Lobsters. Our apartment is close to Harvard square and is bigger than we thought, and a lot nosier! Yesterday I saw a squirrel. It was an oversized rat with a long tail and it sulked past us then attacked a little bird about a meter away and bit it’s head off and ate it all up! Not cute.

Our flights were fine,a nd we didn’t really have to go through too much security, nothing more than usual I don’t think, except having to get rid of all our ‘liquids’ including toothpaste, lipstick, deodorant…mmmhmm we smelt good…

thats all mark is getting itchy to go so better be off… xoxo sarah

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i think i can’t wait to be on the ground again…

August 11, 2006 at 7:56 am (Uncategorized)

We leave in three hours.  I have to say I will be glad to be in our flat in Boston. The security measures in airports have been raised to ‘critical’ which is kind of good, and kind of scary… again, I will really be glad to crawl into our new Boston bed!  Up until the middle of yesterday I was feeling, well not like much, a bit excited I think, mostly like it was unreal.  It was around then that it sunk in that we are actually leaving and that realisation isn’t helped by all this talk of airport chaos!  arg…the world seems like a big place…

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