Counting down

July 30, 2006 at 6:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Mbear: we had dinners and afternoon teas to farewell friends and family this weekend. Sarah’s brother and his girlfriend came down to say ‘see yah’, which was cool. Only a couple of weeks before we get on the big plane and fly across a large ocean. And we also saw Becky and Jason’s baby, which was cute. I have to try to finish my dissertation this week, which should be stressful.

 I also added to the links the great time waster, Strongbad emails from the Homestarrunner site. There is some great stuff on there, for example, the Sblounskched! email.

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July 17, 2006 at 12:37 pm (general, Uncategorized)

Ok.Mbear here. I better write something, as Sbear has been writing most things lately. The chicken post was great; how we love that chicken. I just hope I’m not the one that finally bursts the ‘egg’ and gets wierd chemical ‘yoke’ all over me.

 We are on holiday up here in Paeroa. It is nice and sunny. I should be writing my dissertation, but maybe pulling a few late-nighters and maybe an all-nighter might give it more of an edgey feel? I guess we’ll see. It is getting exciting thinking about getting on the plane and ending up in that pop-culture Mecca that is the US of A. Like going to find out the reality of the Disneyland fairlyland. And then going to class with the US law students like in Legally Blonde or The Paper Chase (which I haven’t seen and want to).

 I added some links so that I can go through this page to my daily procrastinating websurf. Maybe you like them too?

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trying it out

July 16, 2006 at 6:20 pm (general)

Friday was a practice.  We were stuck in the air, circling Raglan for an hour with only ham croissants and a music show that featured Allanis Morrisette and Robbie Williams for sustenance.  The fog was so thick that when we moved up over Auckland all you could see was the sky tower poking up above the clouds.  It would have been a great time to be up there; you’d look out and only see white fluffy clouds.  My Aunty who lives in Raglan went for a run that morning and noticed a low flying plane going in circles.  That was us. It felt like we had been up there for hours, and the plane started to sound a bit clunky.  I was happy to be on the airport bus on our way to the consulate.

The US consulate was like a watered down version of US customs.  I am not sure how watered down yet because we haven’t been through the real thing.  I am imagining orange sports water vs. pulpy orange juice.  There weren’t any guns, I don’t think.  I couldn’t see the man in the box with tinted windows that well though…

It was complicated by the strange guard who checked all our stuff.  The lift doors opened and there was an x-ray machine and a man who asked us for our passports.  It was weird.  I was thinking getting a visa would be similar to when I got the dole, sitting down with someone at their desk, where you could ask questions about things and chat and they’d stamp stuff.  I had some questions to ask.  Like whether it was okay we just put our flatmates down as referees, including our new flatmate we only met a little while ago.  I also wanted to know if I should have ticked the ‘i want to work’ box.  Or if writing “I will” in answer to who will pay for my trip was okay.  We had to talk through some glass and line up facing the counters and wait for them to call our names out.  There were photos of George W, C.Rice, and some others on the back wall.  It went fine though. We had enough money to fly all the way up there, and didn’t have anything that could go against us really.  They called out M’s name “and family” which I got over because technically I am getting into the States as a ‘dependent’.  It wasn’t the time to really take that up with the guy anyway.  I asked him about our flatmates and he reckoned that was fine because it would only be one stop for them to get them in the middle of the night.  I thought that was a funny joke, sort of.  He asked me a bit about my thesis so I was glad I was out of the “what is my research about” stage. 

I think we did okay and should get our visa this week.  Then we will be on our way in not much time more!  We had a fun time up in Paeroa. We had a mid-winter christmas dinner with all my family on Mum’s side last night.  I got a chicken key ring that lays eggs.  It is freaking awesome in a disgusting sort of way.



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